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    shut up wright

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    Inking a small drawing for a patreon reward!

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    starting a new sketchbook


    1. person in skype chat: makes typo
    2. everyone else in skype chat: copies and pastes typo for posterity
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    A mother helicopter tends to her newborn.

    I wish you’d do some research before just spouting out any old crap. If you took two seconds just to LOOK at the picture, you’d see that it’s not a mother and her newborn. You can tell from the size and position of the rotors that it’s actually a hunting male. Also it’s a commonly known fact that whilst all helicopters are born with red tails, this fades to white in males, by the time they’ve reached adulthood. In females, the red has changed to a deep brown.

    So this isn’t a lovely picture of caring parenting - in fact, this young ‘copter’s mother is probably dead, herself. There would be no way she’d leave her baby by itself at such a young age. The poor thing likely died mere moments after this picture was taken.

    Have some respect.

    You ignorant fool.

    The common Red Tailed Boeing you’re basing your analysis on is endemic to Saudi Arabia, which has no climate zones even remotely resembling that in the picture. Helicopters being short range vehicles, there’s no way a Red Tail could be present in the picture above.

    What you’re seeing is the red tailed variety of the Arboreal Russian UTair, which you’d know if you so much as looked at the distinctive markings on the parent’s flank.

    The photo is a mother tending to her newborn as I stated, and you Sir have defamed the endangered helicopter with your inept observations. People like you who think Helicopters are dangerous hunting animals are why these noble beasts have been scrapped to near extinction. Arguments like yours are used to support the helicopter “blading” industry, in which millions of helicopters every year are deprived of their rotor blades and left to die of oil loss or starvation.

    Support your local anti-blading protest group, and don’t listen to people like metalheadadam, if that’s even your real tumblr url.

    No,it is you who are the fool here. You say it’s an arboreal helicopter, but no Russian Utair has ever been spotted out in the open in a tarmac environment before, and I think if this was the first photograph showing one, there’d have been some fanfare about it in National Helo-graphic.

    I believe that what we can see here is the Lesser-Spotted Longbow, which, as has been very well-documented, has adapted itself superbly to urban life, and has also been known to disguise itself as other types of helicopter, in order to better stalk its prey. If you look at the smugness of the nose, you’ll see I’m right. Yes, the UTair is a peaceful contraption, but the LSL is a rapacious fiend, and should be removed from the world’s airspace completely.

    You’re ignoring the clear signs here but the more important issue is your sickening disregard and characterization of the LSL as a “rapacious fiend.”

    The LSL is a critical part of the airspace ecosystem. If there were no LSLs, then Piasecki H-21s would quickly grow out of control and soon the air would be downright cluttered with them. Do you want to live in a world where Piasecki noise sounds through the night at deafening levels? Where they land on the streets as you drive and on schoolyards where your children play?

    Lesser-Spotted Longbows may seem dangerous but the fact is they kill less than five people a year across the globe. Piaseckis kill 80! And they crap all over the windshields of all those unfortunate enough to drive beneath them. Even still, we should not cull Piaseckis as some suggest, their meat is inferior and no significant research is to be done on their flesh. You’re operating from an old world point of view here, one that says mankind has the right, nay the duty to hunt and tame helicopters.

    But the truth is, helicopters are our neighbors on this planet and they have every bit as much a right to it as we do. Support prohibition of industrial helicopter use, police helicopters and circus helicopters. Don’t eat helicopter meat. And donate generously to PETH, People for the Ethical Treatment of Helicopters.

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    Fanfest was so fun to watch! I wish I could’ve gone Q w Q )/

    Here’s the full version of my entry! I was so happy to see that it made it to the finalists eee ///w///

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    Kana Ueda, the voice of Yako Katsuragi, is going to voice This Manga Is Awesome Yuzuki Fuwa in the anime.


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  7. Theres only 1 picture on this site with 13 million notes

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    So if you’re not a patron but would still want to see my sketchbook in all it’s rawness well you can do so buy purchasing it on gumroad! for $3 or more if you’re feeling generous and want to donate more <3


    Basically scans of my sketchbook pages I’ve drawn in from Oct. 5 - Oct. 18, and I left nothing out pretty much, even the pages I’m not proud of haha

    So yes! Please do consider purchasing this and thus supporting me! AND if you do purchase it, please do feel free to drop me a message to tell me what you thought! (So I can have better idea of what everyone’s reaction is)

    OH and if you don’t have a credit card to use, but you have a paypal, then feel free to email me: extra.anchovyz@gmail.com
    and you can just send me the payment through paypal and I’ll send you the zip file!

    psst hey guys go check out this sweet art